To become the best, you need to improve your skills and achieve your goals. Practice and acquaintance with history and directions is the key to success.

One Mod is the top academy which was made by leaders. We will help you become a professional in your field, even if you have started from scratch! The development of a barbering culture has given men the desire to follow trends and improve themselves. Nowadays, traditions are actively reviving in order to transform into a men's club.

Furthermore, one should not forget that an experienced master is important player of the team. He quickly adapts, accurately and efficiently performs his work and knows what the client really wants.

At One Mod Academy, you will receive fundamental skills: basic commercial haircuts, working with a dangerous blade, shaping a beard and mustache, knowing basic canons of haircuts and how to put them into practice. By the way, one of the most important factors is the development of techniques on real models. Studying professional cosmetics, key cases for sales and customer service in a barbershop will help you to become more educated in hairdressing. From using scissors to mastering complex techniques with a dangerous blade.

In addition to the full range of training materials, we provide employment opportunities in the network «Tsiryulnik».

Moreover, all steps of practical training will be supervised by our barbering gurus. After your graduation from One Mod Academy, you will have an exam, which consists of theoretical tests and two final works in the practical part. As a result, you will receive a diploma and can successfully work in the hairdressing industry.

Want to learn all the intricacies of the best masters and become a leader in the barber industry? Right now you can start following your goals with One Mod Academy.